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David Homel

David Homel was born and raised in Chicago in 1952 of East European stock. He left at the end of the tumultuous 1960s and lived in Europe and Toronto before moving to Montreal around 1980. He was educated in three countries and worked at a variety of industrial jobs before beginning to write fiction in the mid-1980s. Homel has translated over 30 books, many by Quebec authors. He won the Governor General's Literary Award in translation in 1995 for Why Must a Black Writer Write About Sex? by Dany Laferrière; his translation of Laferrière's How to Make Love to a Negro was nominated in 1988; and he won the prize in 2001 with fellow translator Fred A. Reed for Fairy Wing. His novels, which include Sonya & Jack,Electrical Storms, and The Speaking Cure have been published in several languages. Homel lives in Montreal.

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Monique Proulx, David Homel, Fred A Reed

A powerful, gently surreal tale of a community at the edge of the modern world.

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