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Adam Lewis Schroeder - SPEAKEASY || In the Fabled East

Adam Lewis Schroeder - SPEAKEASY || In the Fabled East

April 2010

Adam Lewis Schroeder may be a tried and true BC-Interior small-town boy but his numerous trips and extended stays in the Far East are what informs his writing. With three books under his belt - all set far from his Penticton home - his writing career is now flourishing. This month's Speakeasy has John meet Adam in the atrium of the Vancouver Public Library to chat about the inspiration behind In the Fabled East, his latest sweeping adventure set in French Indochina. We also get a taste of Adam's signature reading style - dramatic, engaging - like a one-man theatrical event. Have a listen to April's podcast with Adam.

D&M Speakeasy (008), Apr 1, 2010
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