Douglas & McIntyre

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July 2006
ISBN 978-1-77162-027-7
Paperback - Trade
5 1/2" x 8 1/2"
66 pages
$14.95 CAD

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Douglas & McIntyre


“I always dreamed to be a writer.” —Grace Chen

In this not-so-classic spin on the beloved Cinderella fairy tale, Cinderella-Grace is no meek, victimized servant, resigned to doing chores and missing balls. Grace Chen’s Cinderella is a feisty, fun-loving adventurer who isn’t afraid to speak up for herself—a character who in many ways parallels Grace herself, a young woman who loves to write, sing and dance, and has Down Syndrome.

Cinderella-Grace’s life changes when her mother dies and her father remarries. Her stepmother and stepsisters are characteristically evil, but Cinderella-Grace, with some help from her fairy godmother and God, ignores their spite, attends a ball and falls in love with Prince Ronald.

But unlike the traditional Cinderella, Cinderella-Grace’s story doesn’t end with a wedding—her story continues. Cinderella-Grace and Prince Ronald honeymoon on the Titanic, move to Beverly Hills, become international spies, and have children—three beautiful princesses who are also enrolled in spy school.

Full of voice, spunk, helicopter rescues and full-colour illustrations, Cinderella-Grace echoes and embellishes a fairy tale proving, that with dedication and unbounded imagination, one can do anything. .

About the Author

Grace Chen

Grace Chen was born in Taiwan in 1982 and immigrated to Vancouver when she was twelve years old. She studied at Capilano and Vancouver Community College. ...

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