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September 2017
ISBN 978-1-77162-167-0
Paperback - Trade
6" x 9"
320 pages
Humor / Form / Essays HUM003000
$24.95 CAD

Douglas & McIntyre

Collected Tarts and Other Indelicacies

A juicy and much-anticipated volume from humour columnist Tabatha Southey.

Tabatha Southey is possessed of the wisdom of the ages. She understands the psychological struggles of shadowy Russian pee traffickers. She recognizes the PR benefits of puppy-throwing. She has deeply considered the moral quandaries presented by sea-slug penises. She even knows her own bra size (really, please stop asking).

Collected Tarts and Other Indelicacies showcases the many lessons learned from over a decade of column writing. For example, you don't want to piss off the jazz enthusiasts. And you really, really don't want to piss off the homeopaths. Along with these thorny issues, Southey has covered the most pressing topics of our times, from the struggles of having an unusually handsome prime minister to the impending dystopic future faced by the Trump United States and Casino Resort.

Between her takedowns of all forms of bigotry, ignorance, laziness and poor writing by those in power, and glimpses into the equal parts bizarre and touching moments of her personal life, it is clear why Southey's columns have endeared her to readers of Elle Canada, The Globe and Mail and Maclean's among other publications. Sure to delight loyal readers and win over new ones, Collected Tarts and Other Indelicacies offers the perfect balance of light and darkness, frivolity and knife-sharp wit.

About the Author

Tabatha  Southey

Tabatha Southey

Tabatha Southey is smart, funny and very beautiful. She has the prettiest eyes. She describes her hair as iconic. That's how men think of her breasts. ...

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