Douglas & McIntyre
Extraordinary Ornamental Edibles

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March 2018
ISBN 978-1-77162-179-3
Paperback - Trade
7" x 9"
288 pages
225 colour photographs
$24.95 CAD

Douglas & McIntyre

Extraordinary Ornamental Edibles

100 Perennials, Trees, Shrubs and Vines for Canadian Gardens

An inspiring and easy-to-reference A-to-Z guide to growing perennial edibles across Canada.

Growing your own food continues to gain popularity, but planting and tending vegetables every year certainly requires more effort than the ease of maintaining a backyard full of well-established hardy perennials. Now, with the help of this volume, gardeners can have the best of both worlds by planning a garden full of edible perennials that are both gorgeous and easy-to-maintain. From Akebia vine, with its scented flowers and tasty purple-skinned seed pods, to shade-loving Japanese Zingiber—there are so many options for Canadian gardeners beyond the traditional veggie plot.

One hundred of the most notable trees, shrubs, vines and perennials are highlighted for both their aesthetic and edible appeal, with each entry including such information as ideal exposure, water needs, pollination requirements, harvesting and food preparation suggestions.

More than just a listing of delicious plants, Extraordinary Ornamental Edibles is also a comprehensive guide to the edible landscape as a whole with sensible information about microclimates, pollinators, pests, ecological concerns, organic gardening tips, container growing, space-saving espaliers for small spaces, propagation, grafting, pruning, and design essentials—such as selecting edible ground covers and choosing plants for fall colour. Also included are culinary suggestions and recipes for everything from herbal teas to tempura.

From cold-tolerant cultivars of exotic fruit such as the new hardy lemon or yuzu, to surprising varieties of better-known garden staples, like columnade apple trees suitable to growing in pots and blueberries that bear pink fruit, this volume details the full range of unique and exciting options, making it an inspiring and easy-to-reference A-to-Z guide to growing extraordinary ornamental edibles across Canada.

About the Author

Mike Lascelle

Mike Lascelle is a nursery manager and certified arborist, with a thirty-five-year horticultural background that includes estate gardening, landscape ...

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