Douglas & McIntyre
Large Garbage

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March 2012
ISBN 978-1-77100-079-6
28 pages
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Douglas & McIntyre

Large Garbage

A Radio Belly Single

An e-single from Buffy Cram and Douglas & McIntyre

We're excited to launch Buffy Cram's first published book of short stories, Radio Belly, April 21. This formidable debut of nine surreally funny, politically astute and emotionally gripping stories teeters on the edge of our own reality and slips occasionally and intriguingly into the realm of the uncanny.

Because we're so excited, we're releasing one of her stories - Large Garbage - as an e-single, making it downloadable for free from March 21 to April 4.

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In Large Garbage, a smug suburbanite becomes obsessed with the “hybrids,” the wandering mob of intellectual vagrants overrunning his complacent little cul-de-sac, snacking on pâté and reciting poetry. Equally repelled by the hybrids’ uncleanliness and intrigued by their freedom, Henry draws dangerously close to their secret nighttime life of sloshing claret and Proust quotes that overflow from finger-printed wine glasses and dirt-smudged lips.

The LA Times said: "That same immediacy infuses Buffy Cram's brilliant "Large Garbage," which, with its "new breed of homeless," cleverly envisions an alternative to the ever-widening circle of consumption that defines us now."

An exclusive Q&A with the author is included in this ebook.

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About the Author

Buffy  Cram

Buffy Cram

Growing up in a communal housing project on the tip of Vancouver Island, Buffy Cram spent most of her childhood running wild on beaches with a gang of ...

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