Douglas & McIntyre
Many-Mouthed Birds

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January 1971
ISBN 978-1-55365-725-5
Paperback - Trade
5" x 8 1/2"
194 pages
Literary Collections / Asian LCO004000
$24.95 CAD

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Douglas & McIntyre

Many-Mouthed Birds

Contemporary Writing by Chinese Canadians

An exciting collection of stories and poems by Chinese-Canadians

An exciting collection of stories and poems written in English by first-, second-, and third-generation Chinese Canadians from across the country who deal with themes such as identity and inquiry into the past.

The title of this collection, Many-Mouthed Birds, comes from a Chinese expression used to describe someone who disturbs the peace, who talks out of turn, who is indiscreet. The writers here are "many-mouthed birds" because they are speaking up, breaking a long and often self-imposed silence. They offer songs straight from the heart.

This is a new release of the book published in January 1992.

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