Douglas & McIntyre
Necessary Betrayals

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September 2001
ISBN 978-1-55054-956-0
Paperback - Trade
5" x 8"
188 pages
$22.95 CAD

Douglas & McIntyre

Necessary Betrayals

From Montreal to Bar Harbour, Louisiana via New York and Florida, former bush pilot and photographer Jack leads us on a quest to conquer the shadows of a past life and into the heart of an ultimately warm and heady universe.

Peace comes at a price and sometimes that price means burning bridges. Jack and Monica broke up a long time ago, but there is still something broken inside.

After years of silence, the truce is over when Tristan, Monica's younger brother, reappears in Jack's life. Memories may have been buried deep, but there is no escaping the force of erosion.

Tristan talks Jack into a road trip, a trip without a destination, where the point is to keep moving and open oneself up to chance. What follows is a trip and an encounter with Nuna, the young woman with disorienting eyes. But a triangle doesn't always travel easily, desire being a dangerous fuel.

Guillaume Vigneault gives ample proof in this novel of his gift for translating subtle affairs of the heart. In elegant, measured prose, he paints a portrait of loving and leaving by a new generation.

About the Author

Guillaume  Vigneault

Guillaume Vigneault

Guillaume Vigneault was born in Montreal in 1970. He has a B.A. in literary studies from the University of Quebec in Montreal. Influenced by Camus, Hemingway ...

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