Douglas & McIntyre
Northwest Coast Indian Art

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April 1990
ISBN 978-0-88894-172-5
Paperback - Trade
7" x 9"
115 pages
Art / Aboriginal Art
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Douglas & McIntyre

Northwest Coast Indian Art

An Analysis of Form

An aesthetic analysis of the basic elements of form which characterize the art of the principal nations of B.C.'s coast.

It is apparent that there was, on the Northwest Coast, a highly developed system for the organization of form and space in two-dimensional design as an adjunct to the well-known symbolism. Design ranging from nearly realistic representation to abstraction resulted from the application of the principles of this system.—from Northwest Coast Indian Art

“A genuinely analytical study of the basic elements of form which characterizes a particular aboriginal art... . The text is clear and brings truly fresh understanding and appreciation to a complex art; it also contributes a concept of analysis which should be applied to other areas. The book is well designed and very well illustrated.”—Choice

About the Author

Bill Holm

Bill Holm, artist and teacher, is a leading authority on the art and customs of Northwest Coast Indians. He has held the positions of curator emeritus ...

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