Douglas & McIntyre
Peace Pipe Dreams

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October 2014
ISBN 978-1-77100-040-6
Paperback - Trade
5 1/2" x 8 1/2"
224 pages
History / Canada
$22.95 CAD


  • Winner of the Periodical Marketers of Canada Aboriginal Literature Award
  • First Nation Communities Read Selection for 2015-2016

Douglas & McIntyre

Peace Pipe Dreams

The Truth about Lies about Indians

“Before we continue, I want to assure you that I am not a Columbus basher. If it weren’t for him we wouldn’t have Columbus Day in the U.S. and I wouldn’t be able to buy appliances for 60 per cent off.” —Darrell Dennis

Winner of the Periodi

Darrell Dennis is a stereotype-busting, politically incorrect Native American/Aboriginal/Shuswap (Only he’s allowed to call himself an “Indian.” Maybe. Under some circumstances). With a large dose of humour and irreverence, he untangles some of the truths and myths about First Nations: Why do people think Natives get free trucks, and why didn’t he ever get one? Why does the length of your hair determine whether you’re good or bad? By what ratio does the amount of rain in a year depend on the amount of cactus liquor you consume?

In addition to answering these burning questions, Dennis tackles some tougher subjects. He looks at European-Native interactions in North America from the moment of first contact, discussing the fur trade, treaty-signing and the implementation of residential schools. Addressing misconceptions still widely believed today, Dennis explains why Native people aren’t genetically any more predisposed to become alcoholics than Caucasians; that Native religion doesn’t consist of worshipping rocks, disappearing into thin air, or conversing with animals; and that tax exemptions are so limited and confusing that many people don’t even bother.

Employing pop culture examples, personal anecdote and a cutting wit, Darrell Dennis deftly weaves history with current events to entertain, inform and provide a convincing, readable overview of First Nations issues and why they matter today.

About the Author

Darrell  Dennis

Darrell Dennis

Darrell Dennis is a playwright, broadcaster, actor and comedian. His one-man show Tales of an Urban Indian was nominated for two Dora Awards and was produced ...

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