Douglas & McIntyre
Raven Travelling

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April 2008
ISBN 978-1-55365-314-1
Paperback - Trade
9 5/8" x 12"
200 pages
40 colour illustrations
Art / Aboriginal Art
$39.95 CAD


  • BC Booksellers Choice Award in Honour of Bill Duthie

Douglas & McIntyre

Raven Travelling

Two Centuries of Haida Art

Edited by: Daina Augaitis
Contributions by: Marianne Jones, Peter Macnair

A fresh revelation of Haida art and culture, full of contemporary as well as traditional work—over 5,000 copies sold.

Haida art is renowned worldwide but is often discussed with little reference to its creators and their homeland, Haida Gwaii or the Queen Charlotte Islands. This book presents key themes: the influence of the Master-Carvers; the monumental achievement of Bill Reid; the hybridity in contemporary Haida art; the defining myths of origin; social templates of ownership and privilege; the relationship of the people to their land; the Haida and colonialism. From traditional songs and genealogies to the innovative aesthetics of contemporary Haida work in many media, Raven Travelling situates Haida art where it has always belonged, inseparable from its people and at the very apex of the great accomplishments of human creativity.

  • Haida actress Marianne Jones (a co-director of the popular TV series Ravens and Eagles) addresses the significance of the land in Haida art and culture.
  • Museum curator Nika Collison explores how Haida art defines one’s place in Haida society.
  • Northwest Coast art historian Peter Macnair presents two centuries of Haida art, highlighting influential figures such as Charles Edenshaw, Bill Reid and Robert Davidson.
  • Contemporary artists Robert Davidson, Don Yeomans and Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas talk about pushing the limits of tradition as they adapt to global influences.
  • Lucille Bell, Vince Collison, Jacqueline Gijssen, Guujaaw and Isabel Rorick provide further contributions.

“The text ranges from poems to creation myths to an essay about repatriating the bones of ancestors from museums around the world. But the eye can’t keep from drifting to the photographs.”—The Globe & Mail

About the Authors

Peter Macnair

Peter Macnair is former Curator of Anthropology at the Royal British Columbia Museum, Victoria, a post he held for more than thirty years. During this ...

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