Douglas & McIntyre
Reconquering Canada

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October 2008
ISBN 978-1-55365-413-1
Paperback - Trade
5" x 8"
352 pages
$24.95 CAD

Douglas & McIntyre

Reconquering Canada

Quebec Federalists Speak Up for Change

Edited by: André Pratte
Foreword by: John Ralston Saul
Translated by: Patrick Watson

Fourteen of Quebec's leading thinkers dare to reimagine their province and its role within the Canadian federation.

With an election upon us Reconquering Canada is a breath of fresh air in the ongoing debate over Quebec’s status within Canada. Eschewing the image of Quebec as the perennial victim these fourteen leading Quebec personalities—politicians, militants, intellectuals, federalists all—invite Quebecers and other Canadians to embrace a new vision that affirms Quebec’s autonomy and includes it in building a strong, federal Canada.

Among the arguments:

  • Former federal justice minister Martin Cauchon looks at the evolution of the Constitution and argues that Quebec should work towards signing it.
  • La Presse editor André Pratte discusses the self-defeating victim complex that prevents Quebec from advancing.
  • Law professor Jean Leclair refutes the claim that nationality is exclusive, urging Quebecers to consider themselves both Quebecers and Canadian.
  • Former Canadian ambassador to UNESCO, Germany and the Netherlands, Marie Bernard-Meunier critiques the existing Canadian federal structure and makes a case for an elected Senate and a commitment to unity.

About the Authors

André  Pratte

André Pratte

André Pratte has been a journalist for thirty years and is currently lead editorial writer at La Presse. He has written five books including Charest: ...

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Patrick Watson

Patrick Watson is a commissioning editor for History Television and the host and narrator of the series The Canadians. The first independent chairman ...

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