Douglas & McIntyre
Sex of the Stars

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March 2003
ISBN 978-1-55054-495-4
Paperback - Trade
5" x 8"
248 pages
$17.95 CAD

Douglas & McIntyre

Sex of the Stars

By: Monique Proulx
Translated by: Matt Cohen

"A rare book—wise, warm and witty all at once.”—Montreal Gazette

Camille Deslauriers is an eleven-year-old girl whose coming of age is complicated by a very particular problem: not only are her parents separated, but her father has, through a series of operations, become a woman.

Also an award-winning film, Sex of the Stars is very contemporary, very urban fiction, in which loneliness, sexual identity and the need and desire for love and acceptance are explored with wit, elegance and intense humanity.

About the Author

Monique  Proulx

Monique Proulx

Monique Proulx is one of Quebec’s most popular authors. A novelist, story writer and screenwriter, she has published five previous works of fiction, including ...

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