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March 2009
ISBN 978-1-55365-292-2
6" x 9"
400 pages
20 b&w photographs
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Douglas & McIntyre


Two Decades of Maverick War Reporting

Ex-soldier turned opinionated war correspondent takes us beyond the headlines to the front lines of major world conflicts.

In September 2004, veteran Canadian journalist Scott Taylor was taken hostage in northern Iraq. While awaiting execution by beheading, he reflected on the events that had brought him to a torture chamber in a remote Iraqi village.

Taylor’s recounting in Unembedded includes his experiences as a Canadian Forces infantryman, and as a front-line reporter investigating military affairs for the military magazine Esprit de Corps. His quest to see “the other side” has taken him to Africa and the former Yugoslavia, and to Saddam Hussein’s Iraq in twenty-one trips before, during and after the U.S.-led invasion.

In 1996, he co-authored the bestseller Tarnished Brass: Crime and Corruption in the Canadian Military. After being held as an Iraq hostage, Taylor returned to the country, and since then has resumed his role as an unembedded war correspondent in Afghanistan. In recognition of his ability to go beyond the jingoism of mainstream media, the Globe and Mail has dubbed him the “voice of the grunts.” With searing criticism, Taylor exposes the deceit of the politicians and media cheerleaders who are ultimately responsible for waging the senseless wars that cause so much needless suffering for innocent people.

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About the Author

Scott  Taylor

Scott Taylor

A former professional soldier, Scott Taylor has been editor and publisher of Esprit de Corps since 1988. Throughout the mid-1990s, this little independent ...

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