Douglas & McIntyre
Who We Are

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April 2010
ISBN 978-1-55365-538-1
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5" x 8"
232 pages
Current Affairs
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Douglas & McIntyre

Who We Are

A Citizen's Manifesto

“An eloquent and hard-headed argument for reinventing a shared vision of what it means to be Canadian.”— Margaret Wente

Faced with yet another minority government, Canadians clearly cannot decide who we want as a leader. In Who We Are: A Citizen’s Manifesto, Rudyard Griffiths injects a welcomed passion into the future of Canadian politics and what it means to be Canadian. He explains the notion of a national identity at a time when Canadian nationalism and unity are a government priority, following the Harper government’s creation of a sub-ministerial cabinet portfolio with the title Canadian Identity.

Clearly and thoughtfully, Griffiths addresses global warming, immigration and an aging population, and argues that the “Canada lite” model leads to a dead end: irrelevancy on the world stage and divisive strife at home. He reminds us of who we are, what we’ve accomplished and why a loyalty beyond the local and personal is essential for Canada’s survival.

“A genuine cri de coeur... for a new and better Canada written by one of the brightest stars of the rising generation.” —J.L. Granatstein, author of Who Killed Canadian History?

“A must-read for every Canadian concerned about where we are headed as a nation.”—Rick Mercer, host of CBC TV’s Rick Mercer Report

About the Author

Rudyard  Griffiths

Rudyard Griffiths

Rudyard Griffiths is co-founder of the Historica-Dominion Institute, a national non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of Canadian history ...

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