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Samantha Nutt to Champion The Jade Peony for Canada Reads!

Samantha Nutt to Champion The Jade Peony for Canada Reads!

December 2009

Douglas & McIntyre was thrilled to hear that Dr. Samantha Nutt will be championing The Jade Peony for this year’s Canada Reads debate. We first got to know her from her participation in Severn Cullis-Suzuki’s Notes from Canada’s Young Activists, published by Greystone Books. For that, she contributed a foreword; for The Jade Peony, she’ll be battling it out with four other highly intelligent and articulate people fighting for their respective books to be chosen as the Canada Reads winner.

She says this about choosing Wayson Choy’s epic family saga:

”Lyrical. Poignant. Masterfully crafted. I nominated The Jade Peony for Canada Reads because I believe it is a book that Canadians of all ages and all cultural backgrounds will want to read. Wayson Choy is one of Canada's greatest living writers, whose work bridges Canadian history with powerful story-telling. Set in Vancouver's Chinatown during the Second World War, The Jade Peony is at once gripping and insightful, centred around a quintessentially Canadian narrative that explores the tension between "old world" traditions and "new world" ways; between cultural alienation and acceptance. Fans of Canada Reads will find The Jade Peony moving, funny and hard to put down – a fine example of the best of Canadian fiction.

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