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Hey Blue Jackets, Can You Lend a Hand in Return for Free Books?

Hey Blue Jackets, Can You Lend a Hand in Return for Free Books?

January 2011

Hey Blue Jacket Volunteers! We need your help. On Thursday, February 10th we're pulling off a media stunt to promote VANOC CEO John Furlong's new book Patriot Hearts: Inside the Olympics That Changed a Country. We're hoping that we can get 50 of you together, wearing your Blue Jackets, to meet at the Columbia Skytrain Station on the Expo Line at 2:00 pm. We'll provide you with transit fare, a free book (that you can keep!) and ask that you all board the trains - about 10 in each car - grab a seat, open the book, and start reading. We think the impact of seeing you all in your iconic jackets, with the book cover prominently displayed to other riders will be awesome. Television crews will be standing by, and John Furlong himself will board at the Commercial Drive Station where he'll introduce himself to you all and shake your hands. Everyone will ride the trains to Waterfront Station and that will be it. About an hour of your time on a Thursday afternoon.

What do you think? If you're interested please contact for more information. And spread the word! Two lucky Blue Jackets will also win tickets to the February 12th pancake breakfast in honour of you, the Vancouver 2010 Volunteers. We think it'll be a fun and spontaneous little Flash Mob to celebrate the first anniversary since the Vancouver Olympics.

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