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The Horse that Leaps Through Clouds wins the 2011 Ottawa Book Award

The Horse that Leaps Through Clouds wins the 2011 Ottawa Book Award

November 2011

Author Eric Enno Tamm has been selected as the winner of the Ottawa Book Award in the non-fiction category.

Douglas & McIntyre is delighted to announce that Eric Enno Tammís The Horse that Leaps Through Clouds: A Tale of Espionage, the Silk Road and the Rise of Modern China has won the 2011 Ottawa Book Award and a $7,500 prize. This literary prize recognizes published books of literary excellence, written by authors residing in Ottawa.

The Horse that Leaps Through Clouds offers a riveting and cautionary tale about the breathtaking rise of China. On July 6, 1906, Baron Gustaf Mannerheim boarded the midnight train from St. Petersburg, charged by Czar Nicholas II to secretly collect intelligence on the Qing Dynastyís sweeping reforms that were radically transforming China. The last czarist agent in the so-called Great Game, Mannerheim chronicled almost every facet of Chinaís modernization, from education reform and foreign investment to Tibetís struggle for independence. On July 6, 2006, writer Eric Enno Tamm boards that same train, intent on following in Mannerheimís footsteps. Initially banned from China, Tamm devises a cover and retraces Mannerheimís route across the Silk Road, discovering both eerie similarities and seismic differences between the Middle Kingdoms of today and a century ago. Along the way, Tamm offers piercing insights into Chinaís past that raise troubling questions about its future and overall his quest turns out to be a cautionary tale.

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