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Win Not One, But TWO Copies of Red: A Haida Manga!

Win Not One, But TWO Copies of Red: A Haida Manga!

June 2014

Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas' groundbreaking graphic novel, Red: A Haida Manga is made up of 108 beautiful hand-painted pages. These pages can actually be ripped out of the book and rearranged to form a dazzling 4 meter-long mural.

A book publisher and an author talking about ripping pages out of a book might seem counter-intuitive, but Michael actually encourages it! Here's a YouTube video that shows how the whole process works:

Making the mural actually takes TWO copies of the book, since the pages are printed on both sides. So, we're not just giving away one copy of Red, but two! Here's how you enter our draw for a chance to win:

If you have a Canadian mailing address, send an email to with “Red mural” in the subject and a sentence or two about where you'd want to put up your own mural of Red (In your writer's-getaway cabin? As the centerpiece to your bathroom decor?). The draw will take place on June 18, so get your entries in before then.

Good luck!


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