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Taste Canada Awards Shortlist features Signe Langford and Jeffrey Alford

Taste Canada Awards Shortlist features Signe Langford and Jeffrey Alford

September 2016

Douglas & McIntyre is pleased to announce that Happy Hens & Fresh Eggs: Keeping Chickens in the Kitchen Garden, with 100 Recipes has been recognised as a finalist in the Taste Canada Awards, in the Single-Subject Cookbook (English) category, and Chicken in the Mango Tree: Food and Life in a Thai-Khmer Village is a finalist in the Culinary Narratives (English) category. For the complete list of nominees, visit the Taste Canada Awards Shortlist.

In its 19th year, TASTE CANADA—THE FOOD WRITING AWARDS annually honours superior writing and publishing throughout Canada’s culinary community, in both English and French. Taste Canada will celebrate the winners during the Awards Gala on Monday, November 14th, 2016 at the historic Arcadian Court in Toronto. Gold and Silver Award winners will be announced at the Gala.

Happy Hens & Fresh Eggs: Urban farming, including raising backyard flocks, stems from the desire to be more environmentally conscious, humane in our food production and to eat healthier. In Happy Hens Signe Langford provides personal, practical and charming advice on how you can bring chickens into your own backyard successfully…paired with delicious recipes for those tasty homegrown eggs.

Chicken in the Mango Tree follows the ebbs and flows of one agricultural year in a remote rural village on the border of Thailand and Cambodia. Bestselling food writer and photographer Jeffrey Alford immerses himself in Thai-Khmer culinary traditions while living in the tiny Thai village of Kravan with his partner Pea, a talented forager, gardener and cook. Stories of village and family life illuminate unique recipes associated with each season. Part memoir, travelogue, cookbook and foodie chronicle, Chicken in a Mango Tree is a distinctive and addictive window into a year in a part of the world that still holds a few mysteries (and edible scorpions).

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