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Scott  Feschuk

Scott Feschuk

November 2014

“Feschuk is the country’s funniest wise guy …his new book The Future And Why We Should Avoid It is every bit as delightful as his magazine columns…Feschuk takes a sardonic yet sobering look at what’s over the horizon for our tech-obsessed culture . But sober is the last thing you’ll want to be in Feschuk’s future world, in which microwaves sneer at you and dancing robots play the trumpet when not doing “a piss-poor job of vacuuming.” …Feschuk has an easy, conversational style underpinned by deadpan wit... My personal plan for the future is to read everything Feschuk writes — a strategy I think of as Guffawing Through the Apocalypse. You probably could use more laughter in your life. This book is a great place to find it.”

– Bruce Ward, Ottawa Citizen

Reprint of an October 16 Ottawa Citizen interview

Edmonton Journal, Nov 1, 2014
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