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Stephen  O'Shea

Stephen O'Shea

October 2011

Stephen O'Shea is interviewed over at From their site:

"Nearly a century had passed since the French region of Languedoc had been put to the sword in the Albigensian Crusade, but the stain of Catharism still lay on the land. Any accusation of Catharism invited peril. But repression bred resentment, and it was in Carcassonne that resistance began to stir. In 1300 a great orator emerged there to bring together the currents of resistance. Three years later the terrible prisons were stormed and the inmates set free. The orator was a Franciscan friar, Bernard Délicieux.

"The forces ranged against him included the ruthless Pope Boniface VIII, the Machiavellian French King Philip IV and the grand inquisitor of Toulouse, Bernard Gui (the villain of The Name of the Rose). This magnificent book, a compelling sequel to Stephen O’Shea’s bestselling The Perfect Heresy, tells Délicieux’s inspiring life and tragic story.", Oct 17, 2011
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