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David  Finkel - SPEAKEASY || The Good Soldiers

David Finkel - SPEAKEASY || The Good Soldiers

January 2010

Episode 5 of Speakeasy has John speaking with the Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist David Finkel about his new book The Good Soldiers. It is set in 2007, a major turning point in the war in Iraq, just after George W. Bush announced his famous surge. Finkel, a Washington Post correspondent who had covered the wars in Kosovo and Afghanistan, accompanied a team on infantry men who were prepared and determined to end the war. They had noble ambitions, but as David Finkel explains to John, the experience and results weren't necessarily what anyone had bargained for. Here, he recounts how privileged he was to be privy to the innermost thoughts of these soldiers and to discover that bravery in a situation like this can sometimes mean just putting one foot in front of the other.

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D&M Speakeasy (005), Jan 7, 2010
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